About Flexian

Why we exist

Frank de Beer started traditional recruitment activities in 2007 out of a sense of idealism to help companies achieve better results. Due to the major changes brought about by the digital revolution, combined with the economic crisis, he soon saw that organizations need to be flexible and adjustable, now more than ever. It inspired him to develop Flexian into the professional management consulting firm it is today, with a wide range of services for the optimization of people and professional activities. Our consultants are specialists who serve our customers from their own expertise and experience. The integrated approach of our specialists ensures that our clients are always offered a customized solution to their question or problem.
We believe in creating win-win-win situations: all parties – our clients, their employees, as well as ourselves should be able to benefit from our client having engaged our services. Creativity and looking at people and organizations differently is the basis for our activities.

Who are we

Flexian Group is a Dutch national association of independent professionals specializing in organizational development and HR advice. Flexian consultants have personal experience, having held management positions within organizations. Flexian helps organizations worldwide achieve better results through professional advice on the effective application of human capital. Flexian helps people to develop professionally and improve their performance.

How we work

The present time requires organizations to stand out. Our belief here is that the optimum deployment of people is crucial for success. Every person, every company and every situation is unique. Therefore Flexian consultants always start with an analysis of the existing situation and compare it with the desired personal and/or organizational goals. The results from this analysis form the basis for tailored advice. Understanding the qualities of people and their added value is what distinguishes Flexian Group.