The enterprising and experienced Flexian consultants distinguish themselves by innovation, integrity and commitment. They combine their years of knowledge and experience with their passion for "bringing out the best in people." One way they do this is by making use of the objective assessment methodology iScreen®.
Online and widely applicable
Flexian Senior Consultants use the online personality analysis iScreen®. iScreen® is used as an aid in:
  • finding the most suitable candidate for a vacancy;
  • the targeted development of (behavioral) skills of employees;
  • indicating employee potential and suitability for a different position or a different leadership style;
  • the reintegration of an employee;
  • achieving the optimum team composition for your board of directors, the management team or any other team in the organization.
iScreen® gives a deeper insight into the personality of people and provides specific information that is necessary for an adequate assessment of their added value and/or growth opportunities.

Unique personality analysis

iScreen® consists of two parts. An online personality analysis and an intelligence/capability test. The (future) employee can answer the questions for the personality analysis online from home. The capability test requires a controlled environment. Among other things, personal, interpersonal and management skills that are relevant to the function are assessed.

This is how iScreen® works
  • Coordination staffing issue
  • Online personality analysis:
       - Function-specific Recruitment and Potential Review
       - Focus on overall picture in Career and Outplacement
  • Intelligence/capability test
  • Reporting and discussing results
  • Advising, counseling and after-care

iScreen® provides insight into:
  • Intellectual abilities
  • Personal qualities
  • Interpersonal qualities
  • Management abilities
  • Communication Style
  • Character Profile

"An objective and function-specific picture of people's behavior”