Career Reorientation

Personal development; what is it that stands in your way? Start to make a difference today. Not for the future, but for the present. Personal growth, in order to do the things you want to do. Are you one of those people with a strong focus on the future? If I can do this or that, soon I will be able to ....
Ambition is great and goes together with drive and development. But do not forget to enjoy the present. Later has already started and today will never come back. Use your talents and passion. Live here and now. You are the director of your life. Flexian career coaches want to help you with that. To analyze and work together towards the present and the future.

People want to develop themselves, grow into a function and discover new sides of themselves. If you pay attention to your own development, you stay attractive to the labor market and you will be happier in your work.

Flexian helps people to discover their talents and strengths and to accept them. To know what gives them energy, what motivates them and gives satisfaction. Being able to get absorbed in your work leads to better results. Passionate employees take more responsibility and actively contribute to a positive work environment and thus to the success of the organization.

Self-awareness is the key to success. Questions like: Who am I? What am I capable of? What do I want? are central. Additionally Flexian uses the online personality analysis iScreen®. This profound psychological test provides, rapidly and objectively, additional insight into your talents, abilities and motivations, and displays, among others, your intellectual, personal, interpersonal and management skills clearly.

"Picture" of personality
Self-awareness results in a "picture" of your personality. Acceptance of your own talents, but also points for development, is of crucial importance on order to approach the internal or external labor market realistically.

Advice on career choices
The "picture" of your personality forms the perfect basis to understand the nature of the activities that best suit you and that you derive energy from. Together we examine in which job or function you could find these activities. Factors such as education, experience and skills are weighed and options for the next career step are formulated. We will also assist with actually finding a new position or job.

Personal presentation
In addition to training, experience and competence, personal presentation is crucial in order to win a new position within the organization, or a job with a new employer. Flexian actively advises with regards to personal presentation. This includes interview preparation and role play.

We promise a conversation with us will give you new insights
We are happy to invest in a conversation with you about your questions and concerns. We will explain how we can provide insight into your potential. A preliminary meeting gives you an opportunity to exchange thoughts freely with us about how you can responsibly and respectfully invest in yourself.