Developing company culture

Many clients ask us to guide the organization towards results-orientation. To increase the "ownership" of the employees. Or to increase the outward focus.

We guide company culture development on the basis of cultural values. Which values live within the organization or the team? Are these actually the values that are required or desired? And how do we ensure that the desired values will remain relevant, instead of relegated to nice-sounding statements on paper that end up in the closet? Or forgotten once day-to-day routine takes over?

Establishing cultural values within the organization, together with the people, that's what we do. Moreover: keeping them "alive", translating these values into an everyday work ethic. Translate these values, together with your employees, into a professional attitude towards customers, colleagues and performance. So that, for example, everyone knows what “ownership” stands for in their work. In dealing with customers, even if they are troublesome. In cooperation. So that the company values have, and will continue to have, real meaning.