Executive search

Flexian is more than just an Executive Search provider. Our independent professionals have made their mark in business. They have filled positions in management and are specialized in different industries. Each assignment is strictly confidential and handled at the highest level. Both nationally and internationally.

Getting results through thorough analysis
With a thorough analysis of your query as a client we start our executive search. It is crucial for us to truly understand your organization and corporate culture, your market and workplace circumstances. Of interest is also the “first order of business” for the potential new director, board member or senior manager. A consistent, clear picture of this first task defines the execution of the R&S assignment as well as the short-listed candidates’ profiles. We devote much time and attention to this process. Our clients often tell us that the questions we ask, as well as our methods, are different and distinctive. We don’t just skim the surface. It is this approach which forms the basis for accomplishing lasting quality and results.

Professional recruiting
"The best man for the job” at management level usually isn’t actively looking for a new workplace. An ad will give you range of responses, but rarely the person you seek. Only a targeted and active search delivers the best results. Flexian analyzes, delves and digs, and finds the best candidates. In complete confidentiality if desired. Candidates are presented by their resume, interview and motivation reports and iScreen® test results, including any "ifs" and "buts".
But personal motivations also play a prominent role. What type of behavior can be expected of the candidate, and what type of behavior will be needed to help the organization? Because here too, the behavior of the candidate has greater impact on the end result than experience and knowledge combined.

Contemporary approach
The world is changing and so are recruiters. The rolodex is no longer of greatest value. Effective recruiting requires other qualities. Modern recruiters know the business models of various industries, fulfill the role of sparring partner and operate at the intersection of organizational development and HR consultancy. They thus provide inspiration and deliver best practices in filling critical positions. They increasingly fulfill a role as a strategic consultant, and still manage to find the right candidate from within the market.

Authentic leadership
Flexian notices an increasing demand for authentic leadership and entrepreneurship within Executive Search. Now more than ever, organizations need to be on the ball. A mismatch cannot be afforded. The modern recruiter is exceptionally aware of that. Want to know more about the discrete methods of Flexian Executive Search? Make an appointment for an introductory meeting with one of our consultants.