External Partners

Why external partners?
Flexian represents a different perspective on people and organizations. The employee is our focus. We don’t judge, we observe. As sparring partners for our clients, we frequently take cases that may pertain to the happiness and optimal functioning of employees. However, these cases sometimes include aspects in which Flexian consultants may have no specialist knowledge. Our general knowledge in those specialist areas may not be enough to provide the quality of counselling that is required.
That’s the time to bring in one of our carefully selected external partners. Partners who embrace the same values as Flexian consultants.
This is because we believe in an integrated approach to organizational consulting. What and who do you need to create a strong and healthy organization? The employees of an organization have the "right" to be offered the best possible solution for every problem. Where needed, we are happy to bring you in contact with our external specialists.

When do we change gears and bring in another specialist for you?
In such cases as, for example, employment issues, addiction or debt problems, and even bereavement.

We are happy to present to you our external partners.

Pallas Lawyers, (inter)national employment law
Flexian provides additional value when human issues are complicated by legal complexities. The cooperation of Flexian with employment law specialist Pallas Lawyers allows Flexian’s clients direct access to highly specialized legal advice. Cooperation between Flexian and Pallas Lawyers creates a synergy in solutions where people in organizations are key. Naturally it is Flexian’s clients who benefit directly from this synergy. For more information: www.pallas.nl

BLOCK Social Professionals
Employees may face problems that are financially related. These can put a strain on employee health, performance and productivity. Through our partnership with BLOCK Social Professionals, we identify problems early and address them quickly. BLOCK Social Professionals is an expert in tailor-made financial solutions and creating fresh perspectives in all respects. They provide an overview of the situation, explore opportunities, negotiate with creditors, and if necessary, arrange debt settlements (NEN-certified). If, in addition to financial problems, there are other problems such as addiction, they provide a comprehensive approach.

Ietje Deutz
Ietje Deutz is trainer/coach specializing in grief and loss counseling. She applies her broad expertise for Flexian when people in your organization experience a loss. Loss of a loved one, but also other losses such as loss of health, professional life, a relationship, homeland, social network or existential meaning can have a major impact on life and work. It is important that grief and loss counseling is given a place in organizations. Employers and teams will be able to have more patience and understanding for an employee or colleague who suffers a loss. Social isolation or absenteeism can be prevented. Employers will find that investing in grief and loss counseling promotes vitality and employability in the long run. The proper functioning of teams is guaranteed. Like no other, Ietje masters the art of guiding bereavement processes. Attention and recognition will allow employees to be more resilient in their professional lives.