Integrating cultures after a merger

Once a merger or acquisition is a fact, the real work begins. Research shows that in 60 to 80% of the mergers, predetermined targets are not met.

Crucial in achieving these objectives is attention to cultural integration. And the way to achieve this. Precisely this is often low on the priority list. Quite understandably, because these kind of processes are often difficult to plan and manage. Tangible things such as IT systems, harmonization of working conditions, and the like are easier to implement. But the fact that cultural integration is not easy to shape does not make it less important. On the contrary.

Flexian supports companies and organizations in the integration of corporate cultures. We coach both on process and content.
Concerning content, appreciation for the cultural values of the old organizations is central. From this appreciation a new culture can develop. Or the culture of the majority party can incorporate those cultural values of the smaller parties which may be of value for the entire organization.

In a deal where the largest party imposes its entire culture on the smaller, the acquirer may risk losing part of the smaller company’s strengths, and key figures leaving.
Regarding process, Flexian focuses on commitment from the entire organization: leadership by example from board and management. With input from all corporate levels. Carrying values that reflect diversity.