Interim recruitment

Are you looking for one or more temporary recruiters? Flexian Interim Recruitment can help you find the right recruiter. Our own specialists can support you on an interim basis with multiple corporate recruitment issues. Our recruiters are by definition independent and have an entrepreneurial mindset. Thus, they make the difference. Finding good people is our business, both in slack and in tight labor markets. Immediate employability and personal experience are characteristic for our recruiters.

Focus on specialists
Flexian offers the best interim recruiters and hiring managers. They make your acquisition a success. They take a fresh look at your organizational objectives, tackle issues energetically and achieve rapid results. In short, you will hire an interim recruiter who gives you value for money.

Flexian interim recruitment does not involve long-term obligations for both sides, but it does involve commitment to each other. We will find the best solution for your recruiting demand. You can trust that we are aware of labor market trends, both nationally and internationally. Interim Recruitment enables you able to focus on your core business.
We value providing quality. We provide quality by acting as described above. But also through a careful process, clear agreements and good shadow management. We impose conditions on our interim recruiters and on ourselves in order to guarantee the quality, professionalism and continuity of our services.

Want to know more?
Flexian Interim recruitment is happy to discuss our approach with you. Call us to set up a meeting!