Job Application Training

The world is changing rapidly. Companies and organizations are forced to be more agile and to adapt. Employee skills and talents increasingly determine the company’s success. These developments affect the way of applying for a job. How do you present yourself most effectively as the candidate for that dream job?

Training based on practical experience
Flexian professionals have had years of experience in filling vacancies. As no other they know how to select the best candidates for their clients. Based on their experiences with candidates, they have developed a practical job application training to help you with the next step in your career. Flexian is focused on winning first place. After all, that is all that counts when you apply for a job.

Personal branding
Personal branding means presenting yourself as a brand to others, invoking positive images and associations. You use your personality, knowledge and experience to distinguish yourself from others. You show your (future) employer who you are and what you stand for, and that you are the best solution for their job vacancy.

Resume optimization
A resume, also known as a personal sales letter, is more than just a list of organizations, functions, duties and education. Flexian helps you create an attractive resume, in which experience, skills and achievements are highlighted for a new employer. We ask ourselves the question: "Why would a potential employer want to talk with you?" A provocative resume helps you with this first step.

The music behind the resume
The cover letter is always tailored to support the application. This letter of maximum one A4 page must clearly show why you want to work for this prospective employer and why you are the most suitable candidate. Personal talents and skills play an important role. They make the music behind the resume, as it were.

Personal presentation
You only get one chance for a first impression. How you present yourself in a job interview?
What should and shouldn’t you do? How do you prepare for the interview and what questions will you ask? We work together with you and train this with you so that you are satisfied with your personal presentation.

Flexian is happy to talk with you about how you can offer yourself the best chance in the labor market. Good preparation is half the work. Want to know more? Call us to set up a meeting.