Leadership Development / Management Development

Effective leadership is to recognize and acknowledge people’s core strengths, allowing them to flourish. And stimulating them. Experienced, strong leaders can put the right people in the right place, with an eye for diversity. They recognize and acknowledge people’s qualities and how they complement each other. They encourage people to utilize each other’s qualities.

To achieve an optimum result together. To work together in a culture of openness, trust, security and the ability to learn. In which energy flows. Where they know how to find each other. In which working together becomes enjoyable and produces results. In which self-organization takes place and people take responsibility.

Leadership is more about finding a balanced perspective from which to act, than to find the right answer. Which intervention suits the situation?

A leadership or management development program at Flexian looks at all these aspects. It is a process in which theory, practical assignments, coaching and peer supervision alternate. In order to achieve tailor-made, optimum results for our client as well as the participants.