Mission, Vision & Ambition

Our mission
  • We are confidential advisors to directors and management
  • We are perceptive sparring partners
  • We focus on future proofing organizations
  • We regard people, their skills and cooperation styles as business success factors
  • Our activities are founded on equality, reciprocity and vulnerability.
Our vision

Entrepreneurship and professional activities are becoming more complex due to the increasingly fast-changing world around us, among other things because of:
  • Growing internationalization
  • Technological progression
  • Abundance and transparency of information
  • Our future depends on whether we are a 'learning organization', in order to keep abreast of and anticipate the developments in the world around us, and to keep up with or even get ahead of our competitors.

  • We have the ambition to be a “guide to change”.
  • We want to continue to develop the following competencies in order to give shape to our vision:
    to be a 'learning organization' on two levels: the level of content (knowledge) and in terms of giving and receiving feedback (behavior)
    “Knowledge profiling”; presenting ourselves as a knowledgeable source of relevant information by publishing articles, giving lectures, etc.
  • It is Flexian’s ambition to be the best business partner, with a focus on customer, coachee and candidate. Our approach makes us a leader in our field. Passion for the job, vision and expertise are core concepts in our daily activities. A thorough approach is guaranteed by our consultants' collective experience, over many years and in many different places.