Our views on Recruitment and Selection

Hired based on experience, knowledge and skills, and fired for behavior.

The search for suitable candidates is no longer bound by districts or distance. Literally the whole world has become a fish pond for talent. Flexian has a large (inter)national network, which allows us to offer added value.
Flexian goes on where many other recruiters give up. For us, selection is more than just presenting our candidate’s resume to our client. A resume includes experiences, knowledge and skills; the "hard facts". But the perfect match requires much more than "hard facts" alone.

There is often disappointment when a new employee doesn’t flourish within the organization. As soon as the temporary contract has ended, the candidate is let go. This is costly and demoralizing for the organization as well as its business connections.
Personal motivations contribute in particular to the success of a new employee. Those motivations aren’t good or bad in and of themselves. But sometimes certain personal motivations are deployed at the wrong time.

The main questions are:
* From what organizational need does the vacancy arise?
* Where does the organization stand on the S-shaped growth curve?
* Is there a need for change, movement, consolidation, or, for example, team building?
* How can you maintain or create a competitive advantage?

In order to offer tailor-made solutions, we must thoroughly get acquainted with the organization. We can only deliver a top performance if we really understand the needs of our client. Only then we can guarantee R&S solutions and, through coaching, help our candidate come into their own.
We guarantee your new employee will produce results for the organization. Together with both our client and our candidate, we formulate clear and achievable objectives. We call this Recruitment and Selection PLUS. Thus, we contribute to a sound investment. Because we believe in the power of a learning organization.

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