Outplacement affects everyone negatively. It is often difficult to say goodbye to your job. Our Outplacement consultants know that better than anyone. As experts, they can weigh in about all aspects of Outplacement. They know as no other the importance of a correct approach.

Let people come into their own
Flexian professionals ensure that you will be at your best. Firstly, they invest in getting to know you as a person. They will work with you candidly and with care. They will give insight into your personal strengths and show you opportunities for personal growth and development. Under the personal guidance of our independent professionals you will feel re-energized. You will learn to look at yourself and your future differently. This will allow you to let go and confidently see new opportunities.

Working together to gain insight into yourself
What is special about our approach is that you work actively to gain new insights. Using specific interview and conversational techniques, we hold up a mirror for you and help you to learn to see and accept your own talents, abilities and pitfalls. The online personality test iScreen® is an important tool. This test objectively shows your strengths, your behavior in specific situations and your areas of improvement.

Advice and guidance on career choices
The "picture" of your personality forms the perfect basis to understand the nature of the activities that best suit you and that energize you. Together we examine in which job or function you could find these activities. Factors such as education, experience and skills are weighed and options for the next career step are formulated. We will also assist with actually finding a new position or job.

Personal presentation
Personal presentation is crucial in order to win a job with a new employer. Flexian actively advises with regards to personal presentation. This includes interview preparation and role play.

Want to know more?
A preliminary meeting will give you an opportunity to exchange thoughts freely with us about how you can let yourself be coached responsibly and respectfully in taking the next step in your career.