Personal Coaching

“Top performance is delivered only by people who feel "comfortable in their own skin". Personal Coaching by one of the independent Flexian professionals focuses on learning and development. Not for ideological reasons, but because we assume that an employee who grows, delivers improved performance for the organization. A modern organization can no longer be controlled from one point. The concentrated intelligence and energy of all employees combined is necessary in order to achieve peak performance.”
Source: Willem Verhoeven - Associatie voor Coaching

Results-Oriented Coaching
Organizations are about achieving results. At Flexian, coaching is therefore focused on the development of individuals and teams in order to improve performance. In other words, the opposite of 'papering over the cracks. " Results-oriented coaching takes place in a relationship between equal self-directed individuals (you and your coach), focused on agreed-upon goals.

Coaching, based on the coachee’s needs
Effective coaching can only occur if you have the wish and the desire to improve your performance. Mutual trust, respect and equality are the cornerstones of the coaching relationship.

At Flexian we believe that you don’t have responsibility, nor are you given responsibility. You take responsibility. That means that you constantly choose your response to circumstances that arise. This can of course only be done if you have the choice to do so. Choice is the core process for self-direction. Your coach guides you to make sure that the process of taking responsibility goes well. Taking responsibility also means being courageous enough to be accountable.

Awareness is another important pillar of improving performance. Awareness exists in two worlds. We can observe the first world, our consciousness registers what is around us – shared reality. The second world we envision, it is imaginary. We create the second world in our brains. Thus we create our own reality. The better you are aware of your own behavior and your interpretations, the more opportunities you will see for performance improvement.

Interested in personal coaching?
Flexian Management Consulting is happy to talk with you about our views on results-oriented coaching and its benefits for you. Call us to set up a meeting.