Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is (temporarily) outsourcing your recruitment activities – nothing more, nothing less. Just a few of those activities, or all of them. Our focus is to unburden you. Finding good people is our business, both in a slack as well as a tight labor market. We use methods that are proven to be successful.

Recruitment issue
Do you have a recruitment issue that is too small to hand over to your own recruitment management? Or does your recruitment organization suffice, but you need, for example, extra sourcing or support? Or perhaps you have a temporarily increased recruitment demand? Or is it strategically better to outsource (part of) your recruitment and selection, so your organization can focus on its core business? These may all be reasons to consider recruitment process outsourcing.

Flexian interim recruitment does not involve long-term obligations for both sides, but it does involve commitment to each other. We will find the best solution for your recruiting demand. You can trust that we are aware of labor market trends.

Customized solution
With Recruitment Process Outsourcing, we respond to your recruitment demand. We discuss your organization's goals, study your corporate culture, learn about your functions and staffing needs and analyze the labor market. Based on the outcome, we develop a recruitment strategy that is tailored to your situation. We offer a customized solution. If need be, we can take care of the entire recruitment process under the flag of your Employer Brand.

You choose a scalable solution: we can increase or decrease our efforts at the drop of a hat. Lead times are shorter. Most importantly, you accomplish your recruitment goals.

Quality assurance
Flexian is committed to providing quality in every part of the recruitment process. We prefer to do so by finding the right balance between the client, the candidate and the result. After all, we have a reputation to uphold.

Want to learn more?
Our professionals are happy to inform you about our recruitment approach. Call us to set up a meeting!