Selection of new employees

The right candidate for your vacancy may not be your own employee
It is common practice for employees to apply for internal vacancies, or for a candidate from one’s own network to present themselves. Is this the right person for the job? The relief to have found a good solution for the job often unconsciously puts diligence in second place.
And unfortunately this doesn’t help either the organization or the applicant. It often leads to loss of good employees and business connections.

How can we help?
Flexian recruiters look differently at people and their skills and talents. Experiences, knowledge and skills are the "hard facts". However, for a perfect match the "hard facts" alone are not enough.
There is often disappointment when a new employee doesn’t flourish within the organization. And this is especially painful when an internal vacancy has been filled by a valued employee, or even a professional connection.

How can someone with all the right credentials still be the wrong person for the job?
In particular, personal motivations contribute to the success of a new employee. Those motivations aren’t good or bad in and of themselves. But sometimes certain personal motivations are deployed at the wrong time. The main question is: "What does the organization need at the time the vacancy arises?” Where does the organization stand on the S-shaped growth curve? Is there a need for change, movement, consolidation, or for example, team building? What is needed? In other words, does the organization need someone who is motivated by profit, security, recognition or convenience?

What will be expected from the new employee and will they be able to fulfill the requirements based on their own skill set? Answering this question doesn’t just require insight into the needs of the organization, but an understanding of human behavior as well. We will be happy to assist you.