Training programs and workshops

Besides its services in the areas of Recruitment Plus, Personal Development and Organizational Development, Flexian Management Consulting offers trainings and workshops. Courses are given in the following categories: personal skills, leadership training, organizational and management development, commercial and business communications. All courses are tailor-made.

Effective Training by doing
Flexian stands for effective training. This means Flexian trainings will demonstrably make you and your employee a better manager or employee. We achieve this by training one on one, or in small groups of up to 6 people. For groups of up to 12 people, we always work with two trainers. We focus on the individual maximum training benefit for each participant. If desired, after the course the individual employee can be coached on specific individual needs. Positive trainee experience is 100%, with no exception!
After a Flexian training, people perform better at work and feel better about themselves, have more confidence and derive more pleasure from their work. Our clients are enthusiastic about our approach, they also see quick results.

Flexian training programs distinguish themselves by their personal approach. Training programs are a combination of training and coaching; each employee’s unique training needs are met. Flexian training programs offer a guaranteed added value to the employee.

What training programs do we offer?

Training Personal Skills
• Time Management
• Personal Effectiveness
• Giving and Receiving Feedback

Leadership training
• Leadership in an expanding company
• Leading Effectively

Organisation and Management
• Entrepreneurial Training for start-ups and young, growing organizations
• Merging is a verb

Commercial and Business Communication
• Training Communication
• Sales Training

All our training programs are tailor-made
No one organization is the same. Therefore, we only provide training programs that are tailored to the needs of the organization and the trainee. For further information please contact Frank de Beer at 0648636403.
We are happy to advise.